A life long brotherhood based on the growth and development of the mind, body and soul. A family which abides to the laws and politics set forth by its honorable founder. To follow the basis of the orginization, help all fellow brothers and sisters to better themselves as well as the community. BOSS .
For all you false flagging wanna-bes...Your on the internet gang banging, pretending to be part of something you could only dream about. Get your shit together and stop front'n...for all those putting lit out on the net... you pave the roads for the wanna-bes and for all those who seek to down what the nation is really about...( S and S). Folk Nation...
by Mr. Pretty June 04, 2007
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FOLK nation is the realest set out here!
No nation like the folk nation ya heard me.Fuck Over Latin Kings-hoover niggas!
I am what I am.What im not I will NEVER be--to my hoover souljas folk up ni66a
by trill_74_soulja 6url February 28, 2004
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folks are a family, not some "gang" we are an orginazation. one that utilizes growth and development, education, politics, social development, and education just to name a few. as we stand upon our 6 point stance together we stand divided we fall. 6 poppin jive droppin. this is not for the weak hearted, love your 6rother as you love yourself. stay true as we walk that y.6.r. 974 till the day i die
6 poppin jive droppin keep your flag flyin the 6 on your chest and your fork in your heart. insane gangsta disciple till the day i die r.i.p. king david
by crash January 28, 2004
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6 poppin 5 droppin. folk runs this nation. all crabs and slobs belong in the sea. crips try to be like us, they steal our knowledge and try to say they were here first. but fuck that we are always first. pitchforks up to all my real folk. WESTSIDE BLACK GANGSTA DICIPLE 4 LIFE. representing the North Carolina and South Carolina. banging Diciple for 19yrs.
i love all of my folk nation.
by O.G. W.S. 274 Dirty"L" August 31, 2006
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One of the largest organizations in America. Commonly mistaken as a street gang, but is actually an organization dedicated to the betterment of its members. Far from an organization of KKK-like members, Folk Nation is a nationwide family of brothers that discourages the typical street gang mentality, including the use of addictive substances. Folk Nation is a very strict organization, and there is much information you are required to know in order to become and remain a member.
IND, SE, BGD, GDN/GD, IGD...These are various divisions or sets.
by D3t0uR November 15, 2003
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f.o.l.k.s. - follow (all) laws (the) king sets.
folks is meant to be an organization not a gang. lets get back to the original meaning of GD which is Growth and Development and help each other out. 6 to da sky baby. stack em tall like peter pall....yall real G's will know the rest of that.
by peter pall January 19, 2004
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