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A less offensive/alternate form of the Australian usage of the word cunt.

A. A complete fool/arsehole. or
B. A good friend. or
C. A vagina.
A. "You fucking CRINT!"
- Someone just punched you.

B. "G'day, crint."
- You see a mate of yours.

C. "I'm gonna kick your crint in."
- You are about to cave in a vagina with your boot.
by Dav Byrne January 06, 2006
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lint found in ones crack. combination of words crack and lint.
that plumbers crint is hot.
by sirbrianofmaryland November 24, 2003
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A delicious pastry that comes in an unlimited number of flavours. Example; Racist crints, sample crints; Spidge Crints (see spidge), Fake Crints, Sugar crints, 25% less sodium crints, Magic crints, POWERCRINTS, Mouthwash crints, alcohol crints, speakers crints, etc.
I got a little lonely, made a batch of crints.
by Fikus Tumps December 12, 2009
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cringy cunt, typically used for a boisterously vivacious attention-whore
Ew she's trying so hard to make friends in this place, she's literally going around and screaming in everyone's face and jumping and picking up Instagrams. She's being a crint.
by mylovelena May 30, 2018
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