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1)a mix of two words crazy and kinky used to describe an especially good session of rough or semi-rough sex or to describe someone with the same interests in rough sex as you
1) I heard John and Naomi had a crinky night last night, I heard them going until sunrise!

2) Oh Naomi, you're my crinky lover...
by johnandnaomi October 03, 2007
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1) Something cringe-y that is also kinky at the same time.
2) A kink that makes you cringe.
3) A kinky cringe or a cringe-y kink.
Girl: Can I call you daddy?
Guy: That's pretty crinky'but sure. ;}

Ex 2;
Guy 1: Hey dude is it weird that I got a boner from watching 2 girls 1 cup?

Guy 2: Dude... that's pretty crinky ..

Ex 3;
Guy 1: Hey dude I'm a dinosexual
Guy 2: Wtf dude that's crinky... o_O
by CannabisApocalypse July 27, 2016
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a mix of the words creepy and kinky. Usually used after a friend has said something and is used to show that there is both a creepy factor and a sexual factor associated with the said statement.
Person 1: GOD DAMN IT! I just want to shut you up right now!

Person 2: That's crinky, man.
by guesswhothisis34567 December 11, 2010
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a little peice of food that is yummy (bigger than a crumb, but smaller than a peice)and if someone took it from you, you would freak out.They're so good.
OHH Bren, Look its a crinky.
YES these crinkys are soooo good!
by Brendan February 09, 2004
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