fingering a chick during her period
she said i could'nt fuck her so i rode the crimson wave
by ashamed October 11, 2003
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when a girl has her period. used in the movie clueless by cher.
girl: i'm riding the crimson wave
boy: no fair! how come u get to go surfing?
by ema7 February 19, 2006
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When a woman is on her period.
Man, I hate riding the crimson wave. I get so bloated. . .
by Synthetikax May 5, 2007
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(of a female) - to be menstruating; be riding the cotton pony. When a girl is "punctuating," or having her " . " Like my dad used to tell me, "Son, never trust anything that bleeds for 7 days and doesn't die."
by weave August 26, 2003
refers to when a female is menstruating. crimson means red, as in red as blood. the wave alludes to the emotional waves that many females experience when on their period. hence, riding the waves of emotion while menstruating.
can be used in a negative way. "Dude, she's so moody. She must be surfing the crimson wave!" can also be used in a positive way. "Ebony, do you have a pad? I'm surfing the wave."
by Bandleader November 10, 2005
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