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Stupid bimbo, who sits at home all day giving out to the pool boy, while reading Hello! and OK magazine, because her own life is so pathetic. Drives a Mercedes ML, whiles husband is out impregnating secetaries and air hostesses. Most likely deserve to die. Reside in the D4 area, sit on school parent's committees, and do charity work to make up for €5,000 BTs shopping spree they did the previous day. Mould daughters into themselves so that they will grow up lonely and empty. Often pregnant at the age of nineteen, always blaming it on the condom.
Mother: A stupid commoner scratched my Merc while I was at the spa with Britney, luckily I was able to get Jeeves to pick me up in the chopper.
by jdi May 9, 2004
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Urban myth, A small, dirt-faced, caucasian female residing in Blackrock, Dublin area near dumpsters and DART stations. It is rumoured to cary caffiene in it's veins instead of blood. Estimated heartbeat of 190bpm, sighted around arty coffee shops hanging off the shoulder of home-made-cigarette-smoking wanabes. Collects multicoloured scarves and hats.
Mouse-Girl: Heyguysifoundsomemorescarvesyouwannamakeascififilmicanbethehotgirlificleanthedirtoffamyface!
by jdi May 9, 2004
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Stock phrase used by smelly rockers in times of despair, confusion or sexual abuse.
James: Get your hand off my leg, you smelly rocker - If I wanted trash, I'd have sex with roadkill.
Smelly Rocker: Oh God, most embarassing thing since Dad bought me that Avril Lavinge album for my birthday... Only Kurt Cobain understands me.
by jdi May 9, 2004
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Valley girl word to express disgust or disdain for another human being, object, and/or sexual practice.
Sindy: Ew, I like saw Tommy totally licking out that geek Janie in the girl's bathroom yesterday!
Chelsea: Ew, doesn't that guy have herpes?


Sindy: Let's go throw up!
by jdi May 9, 2004
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Clueless Speak to describe someone who is a virgin.
Tai: Cher, you're a virgin?

Cher: You say that like it's a bad thing.

Dionne: Besides, the PC term is 'Hymenally Challenged'.
by jdi May 11, 2004
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Words and phrases made popular by the 1995 movie, and the 1996-1999 television seires- 'Clueless'. Includes Whatever!, Hymenally Challenged a monet, Surfing the crimson wave, and Talk to the hand. Used by valley girls.

Often parodied with words like tubular and gag-o-rama.
Cher: I was surfing the crimson wave. I had to haul ass to the ladies'.
by jdi May 11, 2004
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