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refers to when a female is menstruating. crimson means red, as in red as blood. the wave alludes to the emotional waves that many females experience when on their period. hence, riding the waves of emotion while menstruating.
can be used in a negative way. "Dude, she's so moody. She must be surfing the crimson wave!" can also be used in a positive way. "Ebony, do you have a pad? I'm surfing the wave."
by Bandleader November 10, 2005
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virgin porn is a genre of adult film that claims to show female virgins being fucked for the first time. virgins in the film can either be total virgins (they have never been fucked vaginally or anally) or ass virgins (they have never been fucked anally). it is doubtful that the actors are really virgins.

not to be confused with porn virgin. a porn virgin is a person who has never seen porn.
"let's go rent some virgin porn. i can't wait to see her cherry pop!" "but don't bring Bob, he's a porn virgin. he can't handle seeing that sweet virgin ass!"
by Bandleader November 10, 2005
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