a criddler is a very messed up tweeker meth-head. Like a tweeker who will steal your shit & then help you look for it. A criddler will steal your shit, help you look for it then try to sell it back to you forgetting it was yours. Criddlers lurk in yards & bushes looking to steal or cause something caught their eye (People not really there). They wear their hair in a bun w/scrunchie known as a TWEEKIN-BEACON. They carry everything they own (all of it stolen) at all times in backpacks & small bags so they can pack & repack endlessly as the mood strikes them & will follow anyone, anywhere & do anything if the guys got a bag of dope. A stack of used lotto scratch-its will keep them busy endlessly rescratching cause there must be a winner they missed.
The Criddler bag-bitch went for a walk to get some air. 6 hours later and only 1 block away from home she's in the neighbors back yard shopping in the bushes for SHINEY THINGS. She finds an electronic charger that just might work for the cell phone she "GOT" yesterday, or was it today? SHHHH I've got to criddle on the roof & get high cause there's people out ther I have to watch.
by berta look alike January 29, 2010
An individual who breaks societal norms by begging for change, wearing tattered clothes, digging through garbage cans and abusing drugs. A nusiance. The dredge of society.
Look at that meth addicted criddler over there laughing at nothing, he has like 3 teeth left.
by BigManBeats September 18, 2008
Somebody trying to get into a scene they dont belong in.
Look at that criddler in his gap shirt and American Eagle jeans
by Taylor Bell August 18, 2005
A skateboarder who only skates flatground and ledges. (Criddlers can also be seen often skating manuel pads and small sets of stairs. However, a criddler in its truest form, only skates flat and ledges).
"I hate all that 'jump off a building type' skating these days. I'm more of a criddler myself."
by Transworld March 30, 2008
some one who criddles. As in Criddles a woman IE hooks up. Criddle as in Beats down. Or a number of various other forms
I just CRIDDLED those two hot chicks over tehre
by billsmith July 14, 2003
It means to Score a Chick or to Kick Someones Ass. It is a word that can be applyed to basically anything you want.
We just Criddled a Gang of Hoe's over there on the curb
by Kelly Goosecock July 24, 2003
a person who doesnt know they are shady, but infact they are one shady ass person
this trifflin ass criddler dont know when to stop
by tree salmon November 30, 2009