a place that you tend to slip into once you've engaged yourself in some marijuana usage.

a place in the couch that your body fits perfectly in.

when you finally settle and get comfortable.
"dude, get out of the crevice!"

stoner#1: "hit this bowl man"
stoner#2: "nah man, i'm already in the crevice!"

"everytime i get high some how i find myself in the crevice!"
by Monica Bonica May 10, 2006
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A narrow opening resulting from a split or crack (as in a cliff or in a vagina)
Guy 1:I put my penis in all her crevices.
Guy 2: Ewww her
by IcanSEEyou 69 November 23, 2019
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that annoying part of the crotch in between your ballsack and your thigh, situated above your gooch. it's a pain in the ass to itch.
Mark's crevice was itchy, so he got Suzy to scratch it for it.
by titty b. mcgiantjuggs August 24, 2007
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When a bitch is being over the top and out of control. Passed the point of ratchet and light years beyond doodoo. Crazy, nasty, obnoxious and everything else. Just a motha fucking mess
Noona: Did you see how that bitch got kicked out of her house, then got the nerve to go around on facebook saying she in a relationship with some 42 year old!
Seang: Oh hell no he older than my daddy!! That bitch is crevices!!
by FruityPebbles May 29, 2011
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