Laughing so hard that u cant say anything or make any noise
Lucy: *says something funny*
Keegan: *creases*
Lucy: Oh look! Keegan is creasing. He's laughing so hard.
by Vxaei November 24, 2018
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to crease during sleep; or to develop indents in the skin on the facial, arms, legs and stomach area due to the folding of blankets, pillows, arms or other bed time objects
I slept in the same position all night long and now I have these creasing marks all over my arm and face...I look like Scarface.
by torosgirl February 17, 2009
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Creasing is the sexual act of sliding one's penis in between the ass crack of another individual
"He, what would you do if you if that fat girl over there asked if you wanted to do some creasing later?"
"Dude, that's really messed up."
"No, but really, what would you do?"
by locke76 November 15, 2013
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Verb- To be creased
Another term for laughing, also can be used as a substitute for lol in either speech or in type.
Person 1: *falls over*
Person 2: *points at person 1* haha! Creased!

Person 1: Did you see that bird crap on her?
Person 2: Yeah, I was creased!
by 1stknowledge March 1, 2011
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Used in the UK as a slang word for funny, its unsure where the word started being used in this way but its one piece of slang that has swept its way across and is now used by most people in GB its due to the fact that something makes you laugh so much that your leaning over and cause your sides to "crease" tho its now used very over-commonly.
School Teacher: Billy get out the class, dont do that EVER again

Class: HaHa xD What a crease Billy..
by BongTokes4U November 18, 2008
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The result of laughing too much until your body starts to crease.
“Dude was talkin’ about a bunch a shit that made no sense… man, when I tell you that shit had me creased… bruh…”

“I ain't gon’ lie bruh… I’m hella mad… that shit was probably hella funny…”
by TrenchTrophies July 25, 2021
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