4 definitions by William Gilbert

Credentials earned in life by experience. Credit given.
He talked about being in prison like it gave him creds.
by William Gilbert July 23, 2005
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I.W. means being independently wealthy. i.e. having enough money to support one's self without ever having to work.
Being I.W. in the New York dating scene is something women find very desirable in a man.
by William Gilbert September 17, 2007
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The superior ability using multiple search engines to find information that others haven't looked for or is difficult to find.
Unless your Searchenginefu is better than mine then the meme is a hoax.

search boolean booleanographer boolean operators dexterity googadexterity googadexterous google googledexterity googledexterous googlefu google-fu googleilliterate searchfu search fu searchkarate
by William Gilbert August 30, 2015
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A released prisoner on a public transportation bus that goes to jail or jail release facilities.
The Wards Island bus had even more rough riders than the bus coming from Rikers.
by William Gilbert August 17, 2005
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