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Any human being with an appearance or behavior so unique that their identity as a homo sapien is questionable
"Dude, what's up with Chris Kaman?"
"I don't know, that guy is a creature and a half."
by ramseygn April 05, 2007
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People who resemble an assortment of bugs or creatures. They tend to have oddly shaped eyes or squirly facial features.
Man, those kids looks like creatures.
WTF a preymantis? dont tell me i look like no creature.
by Mil Waukee May 11, 2009
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Creatures are a group of fiends from a quiet town in scotland that smash fuck out off the weekends turning from ordanary people into dark dark beasts. They have been known to freak out and make complete fools of themselves but they always give respect and worship techno. Its also been romoured that they have there own executive suite and penthouse but never been confirmed
1. The creatures have took a trip to the abyss again
2. He used to be a lawyer but now hes a creature
3. Check that creature freaking out
by CreatureOfTheAbyss July 11, 2011
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its what you call a kid who has been bailed out of jail rather than taking it like a man
or taking it in the ass
inmate kid-(crying)

cop-alright stop crying wuss your a lucky creature your parents are bailing you out
by Alejandro Cruz July 10, 2008
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The ugly women/things that live in vermont. Creatures usually come out later in the evening, and prey on innocent randos under the influence. If you are ever brought back to a creatures cave late night, your a goner.
Bailey slayed a creature late night.
by BossHoggin December 10, 2008
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A bitchy or cunt like female who treats nice guys like shit. Creatures tend to be extremely ugly, dumb, and there faces have lots of acne. A creature can never under any circumstance be referred to by there given name.
Brady's bitchy girlfriend was acting like a real creature when she got mad at him for dressing up for a girls basketball game.
by chosenone69 October 05, 2010
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