23 definitions by combat_rock

1. A kickass metal band.
2. A series of videos staring the band's drummer's brother, that included insane/comical stunts.

Note: CKY stands for "Camp Kill Yourself"
CKY is a kickass band and movie.
by combat_rock November 8, 2003
A name that brings conflicting memories to many gamers, because it refers to

1. The most kickass Mortal Kombat character ever, but also

2. The most bitchass character ever in the Metal Gear series.
How can Raiden be so cool and yet so lame?
by combat_rock November 30, 2003
Not a great movie, but then, any movie that combines vampires and kung fu can't be all bad.
Vampire Effect is a good way to waste some time.
by combat_rock May 17, 2004
A puppet who completely OWNED wordEminem/word at the MTV awards show, and the most hilarious thing ever. Originally part of Late Night with Conan O'brien. Likes to fuck all the bitches.
by combat_rock November 8, 2003
A vehicle that when driven is comprable to drunk driving. In other words, the offending driver is likely to walk away without a scratch, while the victim is usually just fucked.
I got hit by an SUV, but it's ok, because I got a million bucks. And all I had to do was break my neck!
by combat_rock November 29, 2003
A conversation most American parents try to have with their teens, telling them all about sex even though they've already known it all for a couple of years by that time. Therefore it only serves to embarass the teen.
I'm not having the talk with my kids, I want them to just learn it all on the internet and from the kids at school like I did, and like everyone should.
by combat_rock November 24, 2003
A brand of angst that is indulged in by particularly whiny people, a.k.a. "wankers".
My, that kid wearing all black is so full of wankst.
by combat_rock December 2, 2003