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Short for "you". Used by people who are too lazy to make TWO FUCKIN' EXTRA KEYSTROKES. I imagine they all must look like that Jarred asshole, pre-Subway.
I am more 1337 than U!

Shut the fuck up, you tool.
by combat_rock November 08, 2003

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A band characterized by moronic lyrics with many mentions of the word "fuck" (CuZ Th3y r teh H4Rdc0R3!!!111!!), shitty power riffs played over and over, and inane "beats" added in. Their lead "singer" Fred Durst either "raps" in a whiny bitch ass voice or "sings" in monotone. Y'know, when he's trying to be all "serious".
Limp Bizkit song: Move in now move out, hands up now hands down.

Me: What is this? The fuckin' hokey pokey?
by combat_rock November 29, 2003

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The two pimpest dudes ever. Sure, they may deal drugs and Jay has the IQ of a hamster, but damn they are sweet. Also known as Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, or Bluntman and Chronic.
I'm Jay, and this is my hetro lifemate, Silent Bob.
by combat_rock May 17, 2004

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In the videogame Final Fantasy II for the SNES, this is what Tellah calls Edward. It's actually a good example of Nintendo's censorship of games, because the Japanese version had him being called something bad. At least it's comical though.
You spoony bard!
by combat_rock November 08, 2003

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A conversation most American parents try to have with their teens, telling them all about sex even though they've already known it all for a couple of years by that time. Therefore it only serves to embarass the teen.
I'm not having the talk with my kids, I want them to just learn it all on the internet and from the kids at school like I did, and like everyone should.
by combat_rock November 24, 2003

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1. A kickass metal band.
2. A series of videos staring the band's drummer's brother, that included insane/comical stunts.

Note: CKY stands for "Camp Kill Yourself"
CKY is a kickass band and movie.
by combat_rock November 08, 2003

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The current WWE heavyweight champion (aka the "Smackdown" champion), and probably the best all around wrestler in the company today. Eddie can hold his own with the likes of Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle in terms of technical wrestling, and is just as good a high flyer as RVD. Furthermore, he is one of the most charismatic wrestlers on the mic. In fact, I think he's the best talker working full time that WWE has. He uses the frog splash as a finisher, and is known to lie, cheat, and steal his way to some of the most creative victories in recent memory (see his Wrestlmania XX victory over Kurt Angle). He's overcome drug addiction and being an undersized wrestler in a company known for pushing giants, and I'm extremely happy for him.
Eddie Guerrero could carry a broomstick to a good match.
by combat_rock May 12, 2004

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