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waste matter leaked out of a plane, also known as "blue ice"
from an episode of CSI:NYโ€ฆ
Aiden is puzzled because the Port-a-Potty chemicals match the matter on Bill's jeans but those in his head wound. She breaks down the chemicals and focuses on the one that doesn't match: Dimethyl Benzyl Ammonium, which is used mostly in airplane toilets. Aiden puts it together: waste matter leaked out of a plane, froze in the atmosphere and came crashing down to earth, striking Bill Lamakkia on the head and killing him. Flack is nonplussed: "A crapsicle killed this guy?" he wonders.
by victahr August 18, 2005
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A better version of crap.

an exclamation of pain or anger.

let it be known that this term was created by Maverick.

"ahh!! I stabbed myself!! crapsicles!!"
"ahh!! my finger!! crapsicles!!"
by straitblade November 01, 2007
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1: reffering to frozen dog crap

2: a different way of saying "crap!"
1: "look at that crapsicle on the ground!"

2: "Oh crapsicle! What did I just do to the computer?!"
by Mickeysofine May 05, 2007
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1. When you want a fudgesicle but it taste like crap 2. Your in danger and you have nothing to say.
Oh Crapsicles,Fudge-crapsicles
by Daviboy267 August 29, 2016
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Only done in the Winter time,

It is an act of revenge, when you step on top of someone's car in freezing conditions when you have diarrhea, and crap all over the top of the person's car. The crap runs down the person's car, and freezes much like an ice-sicle over night. So when the person sees their car the next time, and sees brown 'ice-sicles' hanging from their car, they don't know you made diarrhea all over their car, which leaves you anonymous, and is a perfect act of revenge... Unless they go the FBI to analyze it.
Did you hear that Jon made crapsicles on Ed's car for slipping that laxative in his drink last night?
by vaginalove December 22, 2011
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the man's penis after anal sex. It most regularly appears on an anal slob.
"Man! My dick was like a crapsicle after last night with Liz!"
by Sasha H. May 26, 2005
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