a term used instead of "fuck". Started out with "fudge" but some random person added "sicles" to make it sound like popsicles.
Fudgesickles! I just hit my head on the post over there.
by Oxnerd December 21, 2004
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1: The Original Fudgsicle® pop! Chocolate flavored frozen dairy dessert pops; sort of a cross between a chocolate ice cream & a chocolate popsicle on a stick.
2: Fecal matter on the penis after anal sex.
3: A pile of feces (dog, cat, human, etc...) deposited on or near a walkway, stairs, or on top of snow, and has frozen solid during cold weather.
1: Jimmy bought a fudgesicle from the icecream truck.
2: After cornholing Maryjane, Jimmy's penis resembled a fudgesicle.
3: "Watch out for that fudgesicle sparky left on the sidewalk."
by jimmyfreakinneutron September 06, 2006
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When a girl gives you a blowjob after anal penetration (a fudgesicle may come in different flavors such as strawberry and vanilla)
Tina is on her period, so I am going over there to get a strawberry fudgesicle tonight.
by Rev. Reggie Dingleberry August 11, 2004
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When a male inserts his cock into the ass of another person when pulling it out has shit particles on it then inserts it into the same person's mouth
Jon Paul: Man that girl last night was a freak.

Nick: How freaky you talking?
Jon Paul: She wanted a fudge-sicle.

Nick: I hope u gave it to her.

Jon Paul: Hell Yea I did!!!
by Killaclown March 11, 2010
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