A play-on for "iambic pentameter," a poetry term describing the lilt of syllables in literature. Commonly used when rappers/hip-hop "artists" throw together words that rhyme, but do not form or allude to a cohesive thought.
"Hey, listen to this new song I wrote, "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.Bring me a beer, hey!'"

"Yeah, that's crap. Nice use of crap-pambic pentameter tho."
by pseuzieq December 25, 2009
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This is where you take your own crap after having sex with someone one (only once) and put peanut butter over it. Then you turn it into Sunday. Once your victim wakes up they will he surprised with a great smelly (insta worthy) peanut butter crap Sunday
Hey bro did you beat about the Peanut Butter Crap Sunday that girl got last night? It was crazy
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a sorry, worthless piece of shit individual who will crap all over you any chance they get
I can't believe I actually trusted that crap bird! He screwed me over royally!
by DJTiffers March 19, 2015
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When someone gives you a hassle because they are supposed to, not because they mean it.
I'm surprised your wife let you play golf today? She gave me some obligatory crap, but she wanted to go shopping anyway.
by TartanMarine June 18, 2010
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1) material that needs to be dressed away from plants.

2) slang term for red feces caused by high iron intake.
1) You need to clean that chunky crap from them plants so you can get down to the nitty gritty.

2) What a horrible chunky bowel movement.
by Robard June 16, 2007
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Da reply dat you snortingly give when an advertisement singingly asks, "Have you driven a Ford lately?"
Unlike many car-buyers, service-garages aren't gonna say, "No, because they're crap" when asked if they will work on Fords --- those fragile unreliable rust-buckets (FORD stands for "Fix Or Repair Daily" or "Found On the Road Dead") are largely what keep said establishments in business, since so many repairs are required to keep these blue-oval-badged junk-heaps rolling down da road!
by QuacksO July 21, 2019
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Small Stuff, some times exaggerated into appearing to be more than what it is. Trivial minutia which appears relevant but later is determined to be ant crap. Details.
Sort of related to ant, being small.
Related to Piss ant as an example of ant crap.
"Just saw the news. More ant crap"

It's friday night ant cr@p time.
by AntWonka March 31, 2007
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