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the process of purging either a garage or storage shed of unnecessary items that have long since expired or outlived their usefulness. Common items discovered during a de-crapping include old clothing (protected by the misguided belief that fashion is truly cyclical), old magazines (containing articles that you fully intended to clip and scrapbook one day), and ancient near-empty bottles of automotive products that contain far too less product to be of any use.

De-crapping has also been known to take place in the living spaces of individuals with non-existent organizational skills; in such cases, the unfortunate offspring of the aforementioned individual are often the designated de-crappers.
Joe: Bob was de-crapping his garden shed the other day and found an Armani suit.

Bill: Cool. I'm the same size as Bob; do you think he'd give me a good deal on it.

Joe: Oh yeah. I heard him say that whoever peels it off the mummified human remains can keep it if they don't mind the bullet holes. His son called "dibs" on the pinkie ring.
by gawthic1 June 05, 2010
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