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the process of purging either a garage or storage shed of unnecessary items that have long since expired or outlived their usefulness. Common items discovered during a de-crapping include old clothing (protected by the misguided belief that fashion is truly cyclical), old magazines (containing articles that you fully intended to clip and scrapbook one day), and ancient near-empty bottles of automotive products that contain far too less product to be of any use.

De-crapping has also been known to take place in the living spaces of individuals with non-existent organizational skills; in such cases, the unfortunate offspring of the aforementioned individual are often the designated de-crappers.
Joe: Bob was de-crapping his garden shed the other day and found an Armani suit.

Bill: Cool. I'm the same size as Bob; do you think he'd give me a good deal on it.

Joe: Oh yeah. I heard him say that whoever peels it off the mummified human remains can keep it if they don't mind the bullet holes. His son called "dibs" on the pinkie ring.
by gawthic1 June 6, 2010
People who pursue animals that are undescribed and unsubstantiated by modern science, yet are alleged to exist based on legend, hearsay, and eyewitness sightings. Examples of animals that cryptozoologists study and pursue are the sasquatch, the yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster, among many others.

The strongest argument against these legendary animals is often the unlikeliness of such large animals existing so long without even a dead specimen, in reasonable condition for study, being discovered.

Although mainstream biologists believe that a large number of animal species are still unknown, these are generally small species (e.g. insects) that require a trained eye to distinguish from known species, and are not fantastic enought to arouse the curiosity of the cryptozoologist, whose interests lie in large animals that would generate great publicity.

Cryptozoologists often defend their pursuits by citing the capture of such previously undescribed animals as the giant squid, the coelocanth, the okapis, and mountain gorillas. However, it should be mentioned that sea creatures such as the giant squid and the coelocanth have the vastness of the ocean in which dead specimens will easily vanish and live creatures can easily evade detection. Additionally, the skeletal remains of mountain gorillas and the okapis are not so extraordinary that an untrained eye would find anything unusual and they might be overlooked whereas the skull of a creature such as sasquatch would be so out of place in the North American woodlands that it would certainly arouse suspicion if found.
Some of the animals that cryptozoologists seek would be incredible finds that scientists would welcome the opportunity to study if only skeletal remains or the soft tissue of a recently dead animal could be found.
by gawthic1 June 13, 2008
a catchy song by Neneh Cherry that pushes the delusion that a beautiful woman will choose a sincere man of modest means over a shallow rich man (with all other attributes being equal)
I remember that I used to listen to that song "Buffalo Stance" and think that I actually had a chance with this girl who was being pursued by a rich guy.
by gawthic1 April 1, 2010
someone with enough money to gamble $50 million or so by purchasing overvalued companies that seem to offer "the next big thing" but in the end turn out to be just another "flash in the pan".
Bob: I just finished writing a program that takes anyone's picture that you upload to the website, and automatically superimposes it on a naked body with the best match.
Bill: That's pretty perverted, and pointless, I might add.
Bob: I know. But all I need is enough page views to get some venture capitalists salivating and I'll be set for life. They can have all of the headaches when it becomes obvious that no one will pay to use it because everyone already has Photoshop.
by gawthic1 June 26, 2008