That crankster that runs the ClutchStop in Concord really sucks. They do shitty work with a shitty attitude
by desmond the great February 7, 2003
when a gangsta does alot of crank or meth, crankster. from the words "crank" and "gangster". when he settrips well he's gacked.
when he does crank he settrips, damm crankster.
by S. 22nd street October 18, 2006
A fishing lure made my GG's Lures in Oregon. A Crankbait used for catching Bass and Walleye.
I cast the crankster out and reeled in a huge bass from the bass hole.
by Sandra December 28, 2004
a crankster is the redneck way of saying crackhead or someone who uses crank aka crack.
there goes the crankster again.
by Robert Moor September 12, 2021
One who is deeply involved with the underworld culture of amphetamine addiction. The individual usually carries a long criminal record, and has a history of drug-related robberies and crimes. Usually the individual will have many tattoos and speak with a slang vernacular distinctive to the amphetamine and/or prison lifestyle.
"I don't trust that guy in my house, he just got out of prison and he's already got a gun and gone back to his old crankster gangster ways."
by Rebecca S. May 26, 2004
Used to describe that kind of dude who is normally soft as medicated cotton but soon as he gets high turns into ol billy badass. Equivalent to a drunk being 10 feet tall and bulletproof
Guy 1- Hey bro, is that guy starring at me? I think this dude is a cop let's get him! Man, this dude better get off my ass or I swear I'll hop out and beat his fucking ass!
Guy 2- that's it, no more dope for you! Fucking take two hits and turn into a crankster gangster
by 'Denver's Finest' October 9, 2022