Making someone do something that is wrong, telling them it is what needs to be done to get them out of trouble.
Police man: Kill your accomplice

Theif: NO! why would i do that???

Police man: If you kill your accomplice, i wont take you to jail

by ChickenTikka December 5, 2008
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When a girl deliberately gets pregnant unbeknowns to the guy to obligate a guy into marriage.
That ugly biatch be wanting to get married for a long time, when you sack her be careful of entrapment.
by C&H October 30, 2004
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Xbox Live God

Gamertag: en7rapmen7
"The best deagle aroun, give him his crown"
by Ryan September 21, 2004
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Entrapment is when officials/citizens/DOT intentionally follow around somebody with PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder and purposely and deliberately scare them, try to convince them they're delusional when they're not and tryin to accuse them of being addicted to meth when they are NOT and will gladly pass a piss test, blood test, saliva test...or ANY other drug test at ANY time and if she catches ANY of her so called "friends" anywhere NEAR her...she?Will press charges.
Kyle, Harry and all Cherokee's so called friends deliberately and purposely followed her around, and played tricks on her to purposely scare her, not knowing her best friend was murdered 13 years ago and although detective James Roberts knew that cherokee who did it...she would not talk due to threats on her and her kids' lives. In the process of tryin to set me up, which is entrapment, the Inspector Gadget Crew managed to endanger the lives of Cherokee, her kids, her grandkids, her entire family and?all her friends from the?BGD Gang...congratulations DUMBASSES
by Computing Henry September 19, 2019
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A social booby trap, usually set on purpose by a host intent on making sure you're available for their lame or otherwise undesirable event; most often set in person, in the flow of an otherwise harmless conversation. One should be on the lookout for this trap, and have a few handy excuses on hand to preempt or avoid making oneself unintentionally available. Trap is most effective on the honest, the sympathetic, and otherwise nice folks who can't just say "F**K off!"
Host: "Hey, great t-shirt!"
Prey: "Thanks....I made it on Cafe Press."
Host: "Cool. So are you in town this weekend?"
Prey: "Yeah, we don't go away until next month."
Host: "GREAT! Then you can come to my SmurfExchange Party on Friday night!" **BLAM: Prey has just become a victim of invitational entrapment, and now must attend lame event.
by daddymike March 4, 2012
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The US state of New Mexico. A play on the state's official nickname, "Land of Enchantment". The reference is really to the state's high poverty rate and relative lack of economic opportunity, which renders many people unable to get up enough money to leave, even if they want to.
I'd like to move to LA or Seattle, but here in Carlsbad, I can only get a part-time dishwashing job. So I guess I'm stuck here in the Land of Entrapment.
by Leslie Doppler Hammond February 21, 2008
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Nickname for New Mexico, based on the state's moto the "Land of Enchantment." Not particular to any city or area within the state.
"Man, I thought I'd move away years ago but New Mexico is totally the Land of Entrapment."
by 505sula November 5, 2007
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