The devious mentality of a individual, or individuals, who constantly strive to undermine others.
"Maybe if we spent less time dealing with fake issues from crafty-bastard Raphael, we could've delivered the platform upgrade months earlier..."
by wroec May 16, 2018
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Refering to the beastie boys song, a woman who gets around.
She's crafty, she gets around, she's crafty shes always down!
by dmarieoddo July 13, 2013
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Next day you are crafty, Got too drunk and can't remember fuck all- Duncan Corbett - cameron Dibb
by DarkHazium January 7, 2011
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When u get so wasted that the next day u can't remember anything, the next day u are crafty
by DuncanC January 8, 2011
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what people are when they are espescially sneaky, fetch, sketchy, or have a cunning wit.
Erica, Molly, and Gabriela were very crafty in their sprinting "energy" escape plans from the iceberg.
by gabriela August 1, 2004
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Grandma sure is crafty - look at this puff paint sweatshirt she made me for my birthday!
by English teacher, really April 24, 2010
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A derogatory term for people who play World of Warcraft.
Paul Davis and Chris Rocco are such crafties, they play WoW all day and night and don't have time for their friend Nic. :(
by Nic... July 24, 2011
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