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Gabriela is an incredible girl with a huge heart. She goes out of her way to make sure others are happy before she could even worry about her own self. Her laugh is completely contagious and she’s extremely goofy and fun to be around. She’s sporty and has a good sense of fashion and cares about her grades. She’s not a nerd, but she’s very intelligent when she tries. She keeps a lot of her emotions stored inside and tends to daze off but you can’t even tell because she puts on a smile. She also really underestimates her capabilities and beauty and overthinks a lot of different things.
Such a Gabriela.
by anxiouspotato July 12, 2018
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Probably the most amazing people person you could ever meet. Probably the most beautiful girl ever, appearance and her personality. She's so delicate and soft, I don't know who would ever try to hurt her...ever. Her smile is so genuine and so sweet you will replay the time you made her smile every day. It's even worse when she laughs. She has the most beautiful laugh it feels so amazing you will get to make her feel happy. Extremely forgiving and understanding, she can be a a little shy at first but will eventually be open and comfortable with you it's gonna be amazing. You can't miss out on her..not her. You look at Gabriela and you know you can't just forget her. Truly an angel. You'll get lost in her eyes and fall in love all over again.
Gabriela is truly angelic, you won't find someone like her just anywhere.
by likenobodyelse August 10, 2017
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She is super intelligent. Is the most beautiful girl with a good heart that you'll ever meet in your entire life. Always happy and with her jokes you can laugh day long. She can be very open and honest with you and gives the best advices. A caring person that is willing to take a bullet for you. She is full of life and wants to enjoy it to the fullest. A very independent woman that can do anything if she is willing to do it. Is very loyal to her loved ones and will stay put till the end. Her work ethic makes her very organised in which she spends time for pleasure and work equally. Her being religious, shows that she is faithful not to only God but also to His creations. She likes to challenge herself by doing the things that people tell her is impossible. She will do anything for her family as they come first than anybody else. Her life is so inspirational that people look up to her. An optimist that only sees the positivity in people. Her determination drives her to do best in every single task she takes on. A motivational speaker that people would pay just to listen to her. Her confidence is as strong as concrete. Respectful to all kinds of people, whether they are poor or rich, young or old, black or white, sick or healthy. The most active person and is very hard to keep up with her. A talent that can sing and dance without any effort.
Gabriela is an angel.
by 34jkxc June 25, 2018
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The most beautiful person youll ever see she is obviously the prettiest and she has the softest cheeks ever and if you have ever even speak to one you’ll feel good she also has a amazing booty and all around amazing Cute girl you would be very fucking lucky to ever ask a girl like Gabriela out
Bitches: Did you see Gabriela today?
Dickhead: Yeah she looks really fucking good in that outfit
Bitches: Damn her boyfriend is mad lucky
by Gabrielas Boyfriend June 02, 2018
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Gabriela means god is my strenth. She is perfection you see once in a lifetime. Gorgeous, amazing boobs, insane sex, angel face . Most loving person alive. loves to laugh. enjoys making people happy. sticks thru thick and thin. Tiene un chingo de talentos, no hay nada que no pueda hacer. Esta niña siempre se sale con la suya. crazy af and sometimes a little bipolar too. Don't ever get on her bad side she can go from zero to bitch real quick. You must work you're tiny little rats ass off in order to get her, but don't quit, keep going if you get her eres el vato mas chingon que existe ;suertudo ;rayado . She makes the absolutely most beautiful babies. Definetly wifey material.
Gabriela ; everything you ever wanted , what dreams are made of.
by bluebeautymachine December 21, 2016
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The most Beautiful girl you will ever meet she can be a total Bitch without trying but she can also be the most funniest and craziest girl.She is shyish if you just meet her but after she is super fun to hang out with.
That girl Gabriela is so hot
by ryan tompkins December 09, 2017
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She is an amazing person. One of the nicest you'll ever meet. She has an amazing laugh, and is so gorgeous, words don't do her justice. She is someone you will always want to be your girlfriend, even though she is always taken.
"Gabriela should not be dating Josh, she's way too good for him."
by AlexandertheGreatest February 23, 2013
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