A name; commonly given to those of overwhelming intelligence, indisputable potential, exceedingly high SAT scores.

Silent, skinny, and shy, yet braver, bolder, brasher than any mortal you could hope to meet, Raphaels approach life with a quiet, yet brazenly authoritative audacity, which is unfortunately often misinterpreted as arrogance.

A justified and righteous arrogance, but arrogance nonetheless.

However, Raphaels are still widely and wildly loved, for not only their large, dense, muscles and innate athleticism, but for their ability to influence through the humanities. Painting, piano-playing, essay writing, baking, animating, singing, movie making -- trades of which the talent of a Raphael is unmatched, unrivaled, unlimited.

Despite their artistic prowess, Raphaels are innovators at heart; programming virtuosos, lovers of not only the arts but of technology: painters who program, bakers who build.

To know Raphael is to know life.
"Raphael does everything!"

"I wish I were like Raphael..."

"Raphael can bench 846 pounds."

"Tony wishes he were Raphael."
by sheaimonyou December 31, 2014
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Raphael is a guy who is willing to succeed with his life and I willing to take challenges that many people call crazy he is amazing at soccer and is will to put his love in the hands of someone trustworthy someone who is truly them self and won't hold him back from life,he is In love with a girl who is far away she's outgoing loveing and caring he loves her a lot so if you ever have yourself a Raphael don't let go..forever and always
Raphael -were can I get him
Me-he's mine
by Bex September 12, 2017
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A person who's life is fueled by his passion for something on which others often look down on- often a very special person or hobby, a Raphael sees the bright in everything and sees talent and beauty when it comes his way. He can put the most complicated emotional feelings to paper. Often made fun of because his endless forgiveness, he will always forgive you if he knows you are being honest. He will never judge you and will always treat people he doesn't know with the greatest respect imaginable. If you are close to a person like this, you will never be able to let them go. Any person he dates will always love him no matter what. But hurt this person too much, you will learn the the forgiveness is not endless anymore and once you cross that line, you will regret it forever. Ask for forgiveness though, and he will probably forgive you. People like this are rare.
wow, look at him, he is the only one being nice to the biggest idiot of the school, how does he do it?
-I don't know, he must be a Raphael.

I just met this guy and we had the most interesting conversation I've had in years. I feel like my soul has been refreshed and my outlook on life revived.

-I know who you were talking to... it was a Raphael!
by random ass dude who is sexayyy January 16, 2015
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The coolest kid ever that can bench press 846 pounds and that is hot and the most intelligent guy ever. He's so flippin' hot and he is sexier than Arseny.

Make sure to also check out the best channel ever: BananaCrazyness
I love Raphael. I wish I could date him.
by Potato Guy 3000 May 24, 2018
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A lovely,caring and perfect guy. He is smart, loves to read, loves animals, art and loves watching TV, he is tall, funny, successful and can be annoying at times but you would love him if you get to know him the more. You will be lucky to have him In your life.
Raphael is a lovely guy, you would love to have him as your friend
by Lovely girl... October 29, 2019
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Raphael is what you call a sexy beast. He has a massive, bulky, yet veiny cock that arouses all women and sometimes even men. Although he does have amazing looks, he also has a great personality. He is really funny and makes everyone laugh. He is kind as well, and will always be there for you no matter what. But be careful, cause one minute you’re talking to him, the next his big juicy cock is in your mouth!
Sally: hey who’s that guy?
Tim: that’s Raphael. Isnt he hot?
Sally: Yeah, he’s nice too!
Tim: I wanna suck his dick!
by Biggusdickus1234 May 15, 2020
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Ninja Turtle, named after artist Raffaello Sanzio (Santi).
Raph is the sexiest turtle- He can kick anybody's ass any day and please a woman in ways a human couldn't even dream of.
He is a turtle of passion, anger and sadness. He wears red to illustrate his rage and anger. He is ashamed of his loss of control most of the time. His weapon is sai. Used in pair, they are defensive not offensive and designed to disable without killing.
by Buslady August 25, 2005
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