Something a plumber displays / a part of your mom thats extremely hairy and sweaty
Yo dude look how nasty stacys moms crack is!
by topher 14 August 7, 2008
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its an adjective that says something is awesome, great, the best, fun, addicting because its good.
AYO...we went out to that new club and that sh*t was crack.
by lala b. March 2, 2007
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Irish version of 'crack' comes from the irish word 'craic' meaning, i suppose, fun!
1st use:
'how did ya get on last night?'
'oh we went down the was great craic/crack!'

2nd use:
see s'crack?
by xxkrissxx September 7, 2007
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(1) coke mixed with baking soda boiled in a pot
(2) smokeable cocaine
(3) illegal narcotic substance that came out in the 80’s
(4) can be found and smoked in the hood
(5) line that separate your azz to form your cheeks
(6) something great or exclusive
“Yo those new Jordan’s are crack”
"That jump shot is straight crack”
by doubleal June 3, 2006
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if someone is on crack it means that they are on cocaine.
i.e. the old man walking down the street thought he heard something, it turned out it was nothing because he was on crack
by niiiiick October 14, 2007
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The short way of saying the widely used "Trivia Crack" game's name.
by Maximombro January 11, 2015
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this new song is crack, son!
by illwill21 September 18, 2008
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