2 definitions by Nietzschehope

A form of politically motivated cybersquatting that--unlike typosquatting, which relies on typographical errors made by Internet users when inputting a Web site address--squats on legit-sounding variants of the intended address in order to direct the end user to a site with an opposite ideology to the user.
"So, I just typed in "soawatch.org" to learn more about the human rights abuses caused by the U.S. assassin school called School of the Americas, and instead I got this military-run site!"

"Yeah, the military's politi-squatting that site to trap unsuspecting folks like yourself. The correct site is soaw.org. It's not as intuitive, I know."
by Nietzschehope November 20, 2008
(Adj.): Synonym for the slang use of "crazy"; wild, entertaining; of a nature that is indescribably cutting-edge
"That Cirque du Soleil show was absolutely crack!"

"Yah. It was pretty crazy. Now Miles Davis's "Bitches Brew"--this jazz is crack, all over the place.
by Nietzschehope July 11, 2008