girl who sleeps with more than 1 mate out of a firm of lads or maybe more than 1 family member could also be directed towards an inbread pregnant bird whose been mixing porridge this originates from liverpool csayle
ya dirty lil ready breck mixing bowl (porridge mixer) stop mixing (porridge) like stacey slater
by sayletimmycs July 1, 2009
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An interchange involving several different highways, where cars have to cross diagonally across several lanes to get to the route they need. Everyone is trying to merge/cross simultaneously, resulting in a sort of braided motion just short of (and sometimes achieving) complete chaos.
"I wouldn't mind driving to E-town except for that goddamn mixing bowl where 30 crosses 283."
by Jackee H. December 14, 2007
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The specific term for sloppy 5ths+ when each penis that has entered the void has emptied it's seed into that bowl.

Related to the intercourse act "licking the mixing bowl"
Man 1: My dad totally walked in on me and Veronica stirring the mixing bowl last night along with Trent, Forrest, Craig, Jonathan, Nate, and Leon.

Man 2: Aww sick bro!
by Daddy Lips March 26, 2019
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More offensive than simply mooning someone, when a male places his genitalia behind his legs, keeps his legs together, and bends over to display ass, scrotum, and penis below.
Oh he thinks he can get away with mooning me? I'm gonna' give him the ol' mixed fruit bowl.
by Purple Jon December 19, 2010
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n., A personality type; one who is small or otherwise unobtrusive, and also bland, usually white, and kind of a square.

Derived from the thoroughly unexciting pears found in portable, lunch-pack bowls of mixed fruit sold by Dole, Del Monte, and supermarket knockoffs.
All his life, Mikey B. wanted to be dramatic and exciting. He cranked his techno albums to maximum volume, and rolled down his windows while cruising the boulevards of his parents' wealthy neighborhood. He once organized a crunk bake sale, for his high school chapter of Young Republicans (who had not yet co-opted the word, hyphy from hip, urban culture).

Yet, try as he might, nobody really noticed him. He was just a pear in the mixed fruit bowl of teenage society- small, white, bland, and kind of squarish.
by Sir Neville W.F.G. Mariner August 31, 2007
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