First) Take 36 ounces of coke
(Mixing it) With water in a pot on the stove
(Next) Step to make them boulders add
(Baking Soda) If the flame is low then turn it up WHOA!!
(And stir it up)
(Finally) Just wait (till it's hard)
Then bag it up
You got the key homie
That’s the recipe
The Recipe song by e40!
by J'sizzle C'rizzle February 23, 2009
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crack is a drug people smoke and turn into crazy assholes. crackheads will do anything for crack, money and more crack!
you know you're lame when you smoke crack

theres crackheads alll over! if u wanna see some real crazy ones just ride the subway in manhattan.
by deenie July 3, 2004
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1. freebased cocaine
2. world of warcraft
tyrone biggums from chappelle's show loves crack
world of warcraft is crack...totally.
by ygugsa295 February 9, 2007
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the true slang meaing comes from New Yorks Dipset which refers to their music as being crack which is a very addictive drug of course
by K!ng $parrow™ March 7, 2007
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1. whats going on.

2. to joke.

3. the atmosphere

4. for the sake of it

(all used mainly in UK)
1. whats the crack ere then?

2. he's funny..can crack a joke or two like

3. aii...went to that party last night..was a good crack!

4. ohh lets just go for the crack!
by northern-bird November 10, 2006
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Crack has two definitions (that you want to know about:-). The first definition of Crack is the drug, which puts our body and mind into an emotional high. When the drugs wear off the crack then puts our bodies into a negative emotion, therefore making the stoner want more.

The second definition of a crack is a specialized software or patch that modifies another software (or game, etc) so it can perform illegal functions that is not allowed or prohibited by the rightful publisher. A crack/patch can modify a trial version game and convert it to the actually full game. Any programmers who develop cracks and give them to the public can programme a crack to extend or unlock a executable file without having to buy it.
SloppyJoe: I downloaded trial version of CSS dude, and cracked it.

Janice: OMG, i bought it the other day.

SloppyJoe: sux0r.
by Kyaa! July 30, 2006
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1) to hit. usually punch but sometimes smack.
2) to be able to hit with a lot of power
3) to tax in order to punish
1) That cunt better pay what he owes today or he's gonna get cracked.
2) Mike Tyson had no heart but he sure could crack.
3) "I'm gonna crack him good for that comment about your wife. How's 200,000 sound?"
by rico de la roca October 15, 2007
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