The original meaning of "Cowboy Up" was to inform the next bullrider or bucking bronco rider at a rodeo to get ready to ride or "cowboy up". Now it means to stop being a pussy liberal snowflake with your safe spaces and whiny bullshit, grow up and be a man for once in your pathetic life.
Liberal snowflake type: Oh no! Trump won the election! I need to find a safe space to calm down and stop crying.

Real man type: No you need to stop being a pussy and cowboy up!
by NOMmnom March 07, 2017
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Kevin Millar's pregame chant as he grabs his ankles and takes it in the stink from the eight other starters on the Boston Nine.
Cowboy up, Manny! You're next!
by Eaton Buch May 18, 2005
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The "word of the momoent" for all the hilljacks and cowboy wannabes out there.
145-pound 5'11" Cletus, with Skoal in his lip and t-shirt sleeves rolled up, thumb in the front of his pants says ""c'mon ya'll....cowboy up! let's head on down to the country bar and pick us up some fat hefers!"
by Steve C. January 26, 2004
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What your fat hillbilly neighbor says when he's ready to get going.
You: We ready to go mow some lawns now?
RJ (typical hillbilly name): YEAH BOY, LETS GO BABY, Cowboy Up!!!!!!
You: Ok then...
by Lord_Ahrim1536 July 05, 2015
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Used in the same sense as the expression "get yourself together." Often heard with an expletive.
"Cowboy the f*** up!"
by Sage November 16, 2004
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