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The equivalent of the word meh.
"Today was such a bad day... merrrrr."
"We can't go to the concert, sorry."
by Lise November 06, 2003

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play on hte words shit-kicker. also, a super sucky belgian band, an ok southern band, and an awesome classic rick band, not yet assembled. but it will be.

it sounds dirty, but its not.
di you go to the kitshickers concert? non! They Smell Disgostang!
by lise April 17, 2004

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something to say when there is NOTHING else at all.
person 1:soo....
(awkwad silence)
by Lise June 29, 2004

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Something that's on EVERYONE's away message right now.
"time to cowboy up"

"cowboy up haha talz, supportin the sockies"

and lastly

"watchin the sox vs As

(all are direct examples)
by Lise October 06, 2003

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