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When a man and a woman have a one night stand of sorts, and in the morning, the guy wakes up before the woman and dumps all over her and takes off before he's discovered.
Harold didn't like the way she laughed during sex the night before, so he decided a mexican breakup was the only appropriate way to end the relationship.
by Kyle Barry December 04, 2006

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The greatest and best thing in the world. Egyptian for smoking the hookah, but not smoking pot. Fahzeeah is used to cover up the fact that you're getting together to smoke.
Dude, we're smoking tonight. Oh wait, I mean we're gonna do fahzeeah....

Nice dude, I'm there.
by Kyle Barry August 24, 2006

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The paper thin, white paper sheets available in most public bathrooms to place between your cheeks and and the seat. Can be easily folded and worn to look like a cowboy hat.
Matt came back from the bathroom with a new cowboy hat. Too bad the waitress at Denny's didn't let it slide.
by Kyle Barry August 24, 2006

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The act of throwing each leg over the corresponding wall of a public restroom stall and defecating. This is a variation on the always popular Spidey Dump or Monkey Dump, but a higher elevation is reached.
Dude, I went to church on Sunday and totally was basejumping during Communion.
by Kyle Barry October 24, 2005

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