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a dynamic combination of a country boy and a wigger. noun.

A cwigger can be found in areas with a large mix of country boys and blacks. A wigger is commonly described as a white man who believes he possesses the qualities of a black man. A country boy is a boy usually raised in a southern stated form.

A cwigger will commonly wear "bling bling" to symbolize a sort of stature monetarily. He will commonly drive a truck, or a "bubble" (or something similar), with rims on the tires. His choice of clothing could be called eccentric to some. A cwigger will commonly wear something from a rebel flag t-shirt to a FUBU or Sean John t-shirt. Predictably, he will be wearing his pants below his butt, to about his knees, with simple cotton boxers visible for anyone who wishes to see. On a rebellious day, one may even attempt to pull off a matching track suit. His shoes could be anything from a low top Nike to a high top Air Jordan. Cowboy boots are not usually thrown into the mix. On his head, a cwigger will commonly wear a bandana with a baseball cap or cowboy hat.

These boys are no fools. They have managed to possess the qualities of a country boy (which is usually a soft spot for the ladies) with the swagger of a gangsta (and we know nobody messes with gangstas). They will win the charm of mothers with their sweet gestures and southern charm, but also be able to pull out a 22 Caliber, or even a 26" Rifle, when the time calls.
Kid Rock possibly fits the mold of a cwigger best. Bubba Sparxxx is also a very good example. The best cwiggers are ones who are usually not famous and found in communities in the southern states of the Unites States.
by Dormi Jauri May 22, 2009
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A white Christian (usually a woman) person.
Person 1: Do you see that lady?
Person 2: Yeah,she’s such a cwigger
Person 1:Yeah she’s probably going to church right now😂
by Jimmyyyy‼️😂 May 03, 2018
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