Having sex with one's cousin, whether drunk or sober, whether well acquainted or not.
See faire
ok, uhm.... Well my first experience was when I was 15... and she was my girlfriend... my weirdest experience was when I had sex with my cousin... well, it's weird but I hadn't saw her like 6 years.. so she was like a friend, but she's actually my cousin . She lives in other country...
by The Bridge February 4, 2004
An extra stupid gnarly looking guy...a derp derp. A cousinfucker is either someone who'd be fucking their cousin or they're the fugly product of cousinfucking.
Matt Gaetz looks like a cousinfucker.
by bette_cracker August 19, 2019
A strange story on a marijuanna forum came up with an act of intoxicated cousinfucking happened. This is how the story goes:

so i went to this town called santa maria to stay with my cousins for a couple of weeks , i got up the nerve to ask her if she blazed it.she said hell yeah!so we smoked like ten grams in three blunts just the two of us.it was some kali bud that i had picked up in san diego for fifty bones.so i hadn t seen this blonde petite spun ky chick since we were both three years and now we re nineteen because my dads cousin moved to vancouver. She kind of started flirting and teasing me poking me in the stomache . It didnt feel wrong that we were flirting and then she leaned in halfway for a kiss and i quickly obliged.she was playful and pulled back as she pulled my body closer. I remember it was fresh out and we had sneaked out at ten and it was like midnight now and it was so starry that it felt like a dream. We jumped in their pool in our underwear . The pool is heated and she still felt so much warmer than the water shrouding our curious hands from the view of next door neighbors prying eyes. I un- hooked her silky victoria secret bra as she caressed my back. I nibbled on her ear a couple of times and she took of the bra all the way so i groped to my hearts content. She kissed me hungrily and i moved her thong over to the left and hoisted her on to my thighs and traced her lips with my index finger before i pushed in and she responded we slipped underwate in a lip lock and i freaked out briefly. When i penetrated her without a condom she let out a little subdued gasp as did i.she was flexing her muscles without thrusting and it was making me throb. I slowly pushed all the way in until my head touched a barrier. It was one of my biggest bone r and i took my time focusing, trying not to come as i held this teenage goddess in my arms.she began to tense up and her vagina grew even tighter. I let out a pretty loud moan as i shivered from the orgasm.
following the inevitable collapse into each other i felt a pang of guilt coupled with a hint of sadness.this was never ever gonna occur again and its not that i fell in love it was because i had fallen, but in lust.
Cousinfucker: I got really drunk and had sex with my cousin.

Dude: Eww get the fuck away from me cousin fucker
by Charq July 25, 2008