Is a sexy girl that's curvy in all the right places. She is gorgeous and any boy would be lucky to have her in their lives.
You're lucky to have a starry
by Davina Preston April 03, 2017
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Old. From Russian "stariy", meaning old.
That homeless bum is one starry, smelly veck.
by R. Val March 08, 2006
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I am only typing up this definition because when you use the !urban command in Discord for this name it automatically gives you the horny description. Ok so a (Metacarcinus) Starri is an extinct species of crab in the family Cancridae, subfamily Cancrinae. They probably would've tasted good and made for a good jumbo but nobody knows now because they're all dead.
Person 1: Ayo I'm gonna look at some Urban Dictionary because I know they got some juicy definitions...
Person 2: Wtf man stop it
Person 1: *Seaches up Starri* Oh. I wasn't expecting to learn fun facts.
Person 2: *Laughs*
by Greg floppin January 13, 2021
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Adjective used to describe positive feeling, when person asks how second person is.
'How are you?'....
'Im Starry thanx'..
by jade alleyne September 30, 2009
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Starlike, beautiful, cury, natural girl that that has an amazing personality! Shines as bright as a torch when she walks into a room! You just know she's a Star!
She is artistic and beautiful and also has the voice of an angel.
She believes strongly in other people, and always seems to bring out the best in them. Her friends are lucky to have her, Starry is very loyal to the core, the best friend one could ever have. She accepts people for who they truly are, and loves them regardless!
Starting from a humble beginning, she's favoured and blessed in Starrysworld, she always comes through victorious and shining!!!! She tends to fight and win battles in life, her biggest motto is she is a unique, a winner, star and must shine through the darkest days.
Starry is one of a Kind!!! Most definitely one in a million!
You're lucky to have a Starry!

Starry's life truly inspires you to shine brighter!
by Like Stars on Earth. February 04, 2020
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(Noun): An informal term used in computer science, specifically in the language C++. It is used to describe pointers and pointer notation. A pointer has one level of starriness, while a two-dimensional array has two levels of starriness.
"Since I deferenced this pointer, it has no levels of starriness now."
"My pointer to char pointers have two levels of starriness."
by C++=B- February 17, 2020
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