A nice part of the English countryside with some stunning views, ruined by having Cheltenham smack bang in the middle of it, proclaiming itself to be "Heart of the Cotswolds".
by OD Smith February 21, 2005
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A beautiful part of England occupying a triangle between Swindon, Cheltenham and Oxford. Capital = Stow On the Wold
Man you looked relaxed..
.. Yeah just spent the weekend in the Cotswolds.
by Black Flag February 11, 2004
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The act of meeting and shagging a stranger in a bush whilst on a walk in the countryside.
This weekend I’m going cotswolding.
by magicpieman November 5, 2017
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Some have said she’s kind of a bitch, but that speaks more of their insecurities than of her strength. She is a brave and strong navigator of new lands and customs. Her world view is shaped by her belief that our differences are what make us beautiful so she is welcoming and inclusive and interested in diversity of thought. She cares for her body, is mindful that people come in all shapes and sizes and knows that being healthy looks different on everyone but being kind is what gives people true grace. She is thoughtful and warm, brilliant and funny. She hates Trump because she has no respect for bullies or xenophobes and knows that he speaks to the dark fears of the insecure and allows their weaknesses to bloom into true ugliness. She frowns on the petty, rises above the rude and will thrive among those who can do nothing more that gossip and belittle others. Her world is far larger and more rich than those who belittle her. Others envy her panache but she doesn’t hold it over them, she tries to help them rise above their own malicious pettiness.
Look at how calm she is in the face of their bitchy pettiness! That girl is a real Katarina of the Cotswolds, she serves as an example of grace under fire!
by Cre8tiviD May 4, 2019
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