cheltenham, pennsylvania. SO MUCH BETTER THAN ABINGTON.

it's an area near philadelphia that is much better than abington and they create some interesting words. like bocky
i live in cheltenham, so give me a bocky!
cheltenham is where it's at!
cheltenham is better than abington.
by yeahman3231 March 19, 2010
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An annoyingly posh area of the south west.
Cheltenham Type: Pip pip olde chap.
by NotHannah July 14, 2008
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Some shitty town or city in Gloucestershire full of absolute fucking braindead inbred incels

Not sure if it's a town or city. Too irrelevant for me to give a shit
Cheltenham youts wants to be on shit but they aren't. The only thing they're on is secretly recording their mums in the shower

Cheltenham is full of cretins

I hate people in Cheltenham
by MileyCyrusSuckedMyDong November 1, 2019
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The keeping of all secrets within a particular event, meeting or gathering that defines:
1) all substance, discussion and efforts in such meeting, stays within the walls of the meeting "i.e" (what happens at band camp, stays at band camp.)
2) everything in this meeting, as cheltenham rules, cannot be discussed outside this meeting, lest it be a future gatherin of the same attendies.
i.e - The Freemason's conduct all of their meeting as of Cheltenham Rules. No Doubt, Dont Try, Keep Your Mouth Shut!
by anonymous - FM April 28, 2010
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Arranging oneself in such a position that when one sticks one's nose up the arse of a partner, and the partner farts powerfully, the gas enters the nose of the first party and leaves the mouth - thus tickling the balls of the farter.
Hmm that were a reet powerful Cheltenham U-Bend there our Kes.
by GanglesWillSwarm2 March 18, 2009
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A non selective school located in Cheltenham, NSW. Once an okay school but respects for the principal plummeted down one day. An event spreading all over social media and the news but with only one part of the issue.
some students at Cheltenham girls high school were traumatised into what they heard from their own principal.

Hey, which teacher was I to give something to? - - - No I cannot go. I can't bare thinking about pedo teachers.
by dancingdoggo February 13, 2021
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