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1. of poor quality
2. general disapproval
3. disappointment
1. A: Would you rail with that girl?
B: No, man. She's zero points.

2. A: Let's go out to Toad's. That place rocks!
B: What? Zero points!

3. A: I Dutch-ovened my girl, and she dumped me.
B: Tsk, tsk. Zero points.
by H-Money October 22, 2003
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A dot that people stared at for 12+ hours
Look at the zero point thats so cool
by Suprem3 October 14, 2019
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also known as Opie & Anthony.Two Howard Stern obsessed clones that where given all of Howards Markets when he left for Sattelite and 0.0 failed horrifically at it being dropped and producing ratings of zero point zero
"zero point zero!,oh you mean O&A?are they still in radio?"
by Boba Abooey December 27, 2007
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An omnipresent type of radiation.
It has not yet been discovered what causes this radiation, if something actually causes it.
Remove everything removable and you'll still have zero-point radiation.
by Ravek March 20, 2004
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Used as a noun. Usually used to describe anything new that has not had the problems worked out of it yet, such as a new untested product released on an unsuspecting public. It can also be used to denote the first version of something created which is not approved/expected to be the final version, such as a new computer program, music mix, the first draft of a script, etc.
PLURAL: "I should have waited a few months to buy that new automobile, seeing as they hadn't worked the problems out of the zero-point-ones yet." SINGULAR: "We've got the new zero-point-one up and running, we'll see how this works out..."
by Kirk Bradford Myers November 18, 2006
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not paying that person any more attention;usually said after a stupid comment
ayana: tell me why i just got sent out of class!

liz: what did you do?

ayana: nigguh why you got to assume i did something.

liz: oh lord ok what happened ?

ayana: i spit at the teacher.

liz:i pay you zero point no attention right now.
by dayotemi May 15, 2011
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The name given to what we know as "frozen in time"
Chad: if zero point was to happen would we even remember it?

Matson Ray Parker: who else high af rn??
by Itanimulli April 25, 2020
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