Someone who tends to be a gamer and plays games such as Fortnite Minecraft etc. they sometimes wear glasses and with naturally tall stature and is usually African American.
he plays games and is a nerd such a contra
by orangejhame42267 October 04, 2021
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1. an opposing force; something opposite

2. the name of Vampire Weekend's sophomore album in reference to the above definition
1. My contra in the student body election beat me by 10 votes.

2. "I think you're a contra. I think that you lie." -Vampire Weekend, I Think Ur A Contra
by AlternaPop! January 09, 2010
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Originally an Arcade game, it is best known as the best Run 'n gun NES game, if not the best Run 'n gun game of all time. It is also the first time the Konami code ever appeared in a video game.
Retard-"Contra is so old, it can't compare to awesome graphics of the Xbox."
Me-"Too bad graphics don't matter, you retard. Contra is the best game ever, and it's worth more money than you."
by Emennius January 16, 2004
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1. A video game played on the NES

2. An opposing force

3. Military forces created by the CIA in the mid 80's to combat the sadinista movement in Nicaragua and the spread of communism in central america, funded by weapon sales to Iran and the spread of crack-cocaine through the united states.
1. Contra is a badass game.

2. The contra to fire is water.

3. CIA Contras in central america were created to keep the united states foothold on the region during the cold war period.
by alabaster jones August 18, 2006
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A form of marching tuba that produces a massive dark sound. Commonly used by drum corps
these sousaphones are crap, why didn't (insert name of band director) buy contras instead?
by Chuck Harrigan October 05, 2007
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a shortened form of the word 'contraceptive/contraception' or condom.
"do you have any contra?"
by sosentimental December 26, 2009
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