A person or company that makes or supplies costumes. Often confused with customer.
I went to see the local costumer to get my costume. I was his first customer of the day.
by Espressowriter March 31, 2017
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An outfit which one normally wears for special occasions or functions, outside of personal formality or professionalism (except in a few cases, such as actors and mascots), which tends to deviate from one's personal style; a costume is often worn as a representation or reference of either a fictional or famous Person, Animal, or Idea (such as an emotion, a sentient monster, or a place). They can be hand-made or professionally tailored - likewise, they can be made of anything, from cardboard and Solo Cups to silk and velvet. There is also a market for Pet Costumes.
In some American and European Countries, many people observe Halloween by dawning costumes in the likeness of animals, celebrities, monsters, witches, emergency personnel, and pop culture icons like a glass of beer or a dildo.

At certain expositions, it is also common, if not customary, to wear a costume. Such events include various Anime Conventions (Anime Expo), (San Diego/NewYork) Comic Con, and Furry Conventions (AnthroCon).

You can make a Chihuahua look like an ally cat.
by F.Courier December 9, 2015
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an outfit...the clothes you wore outside your house
"Throw on some drawers and pick out a costume
I think ill rock these blue jeans and this tee shirt
And whats a little polo sport gonna hurt?"-Gym Class Heroes
by b to the rizzle June 5, 2007
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The use of perfume or cologne to hide the smell weed.
Guy 1: What's that smell?

Guy 2: That's probably my costume I had to put it on I just boxed the car.

Guy 1: Logical.
by Spano_13 February 7, 2011
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Someone that puts up a front. Somone pretending to be someone or something else and it is not even Halloween. Puting on a Costume for us sort of speak.
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
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A verb that doesn't exist.
No Kelly, "costumized"" isn't a word.
by Spider-Boi January 7, 2019
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A costume is when your lack of clothes represents a person, place or thing.
My dog's costume was being naked so she looked like the Taco Bell dog.
by ACGrace April 29, 2011
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