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Lying under oathe. What got Bubba Clinton impeached while President. It had NOTHING to do with an adulterous affair with his intern, Monica Lewinsky. His impeachement was ENTIRELY Constitutional because the U.S Constitution lists pergery among "high crimes and misdeameanors" because it can get you thrown into jail.
Perjury is stupid and can get you thrown in jail. Just tell the truth, because the truth will eventually come out anyway. Save yourself further embarassment.
by December 17, 2007
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Trying to run game on the judge in a case where you can get played
my baby mamma lying bout having insurance for my son.
by Bo London November 16, 2004
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A potato player who makes everyone on the team look good.
Bahi: When are you comming back? I nees my perjury
by TheRealPerjury January 24, 2018
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