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to get corsaired: When one looks good on paper and gets interviews for a job, but completely fails to convert a single interview into a job offer due to a lack of personality or social skills. Especially used in context of on-campus interviews for post-graduation recruiting, whether for college, law school, business school, graduate school, job fairs, or anywhere one has the opportunity to interview with multiple employers for entry-level positions.
A: "What are you doing after graduation?"
B: "I don't know yet...still looking for jobs."
A: "I thought you had a lot of interviews? That sucks."
B: "I don't know what happened. I'm graduating summa cum laude, too"
A: "What happened is you got cosaired."


X: "Do I come off as socially awkward to you?"
Y: "No...why do you ask?"
X: "Well I have a few interviews coming up and I'm afraid of getting corsaired."
by Bonnie Pruitt June 30, 2010
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