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A derogatory, alliterative nickname for male homosexual.
"That guy is a real butt pirate."
"Yeah, he's a total cornhole corsair."
by chuckhoffmann December 19, 2005
The pretentious E is often added to the end of words in place names to give a false sense of charm and history to an otherwise soulless, corporate-built craphole of a neighborhood, apartment complex, or shopping center.
Kingstowne, a large suburban development in Alexandria, Virginia, has a pretentious e at the end.
by chuckhoffmann October 22, 2011
A discipulicide occurs when a school or teacher kills a student. Most discipulicides are discipulicides by proxy, where the actions of the school, the administrators, or the teachers drive a student to kill himself or other students.

The word describes the act itself, the perpetrator, or the victim.

It comes from the Latin roots discipuli, meaning "student", and cadare, meaning "to cut".
The student who killed himself after being suspended by a vice principal was a discipulicide.
by chuckhoffmann October 6, 2010
The urge to vomit upon seeing, hearing, or smelling someone else vomit.
"I thought I was gonna sympathy puke when Dave blew chunks all over the floor."
by chuckhoffmann January 30, 2006
A turd. So called because feces is brown, resembling chocolate, and one defecates into water in a toilet bowl.
He dropped a huge chocolate sailor in the bowl, clogging it up.
by chuckhoffmann April 29, 2006