The LZ or Lima Zulu stands for the Landing Zone.
Be advised LZ is hot, i repeat LZ is hot.
by Lambda September 5, 2004
Patch of pubic hair shaved in the shape of a long rectangle above the vagina. Sometimes refered to as a runway or landing strip.
Michelle loved when I slid my dick down her LZ and into her vigina.
by CAM 718 March 21, 2006
Travis: Man last night I tried to werewolf my girl but I couldnt
Cole: Ya man your no LZ
by Blanconino1328 October 22, 2008
a crew formed at BCA, a school in Brampton, ontario.
Several members have joined and seem to rep the colour bright green, they stick together and are all good friends.
they run the junior high of BCS and are all currently going into grade 9. Most of the popular kids are in this crew, but has limited access. LZ has apparently ecen spread into another local school. They have what seems to be 2 leaders. there is estimated 12 other members of this crew. As going into grade 9, LZ will loose a few members.
''LZ is coming.''
''let all of LZ know.''
''Don't let LZ find out.''
by BCAHATAH! July 2, 2007
Landing Zone. Originally came into use during the Vietnam War to address the area where a helicopter would be a landing. A "hot LZ" is a zone in which charlie still had a significant presence, and thus was dangerous to land in.

Since Vietnam, the term has come into the modern vernacular to mean any bad, rough, or uncomfortable situation.
1. Request to land denied, that LZ is hot, repeat, that sector is Victor Charlie.

2. I was riding dirty the other night when I drove right into a police sobriety checkpoint. Talk about a hot LZ.
by this.machinery August 22, 2007
"Lz is short for Lazy"
by Ray October 22, 2003