When you copy everything someone does.
Person 1: That girl Adda is obviously jealous of Jada since she copies everything that Jada does.
Person 2: She copied her handwriting, how she taps her book with her pencil, how she walks and paces around in circles, and now she’s copying how she’s copying her clothing style.
Person 1: Exactly. She even changed her name to be more like Jada’s. What a fucking copycat. Stay away from that low life prostitute.
by JaydeMariaa July 13, 2018
Have you watched Nicki Minaj’s new video? 😍
Sis, it is Cardi B, she’s such a copycat 🤮
by minajwithus on IG April 29, 2019
A copycat, a person who may not realize or does realize that they are copying you but will never admit it. It may come off as mirroring, but once it starts showing more and more that they’re basically emulating all the actions and phrases and way you express yourself, you’ll notice that they are TA DA! A copycat.
He’s such a copycat, he always does things or says things similarly to how I do them. It’s annoying!
by superficialities October 18, 2019
An individual who gets off on copying, imitating, emulating, simulating or miming the words, gestures and expressions of another individual. The Copycat becomes easily amused of individual.
Unfortunately, there will probably be many copycat/copycats after the incident.
by surmountable March 28, 2013
an imitation, a person or thing that mimics another
Copycat stunts have been pulled in response to the original protest against putting unreadable agreements online.
by The Return of Light Joker October 1, 2011
---a type of friend who mimics you in every single way possible; wanting everything you have, liking all your favorite stuff, buying all the material things exactly the same as yours & often doing it SECRETLY. ᵴ
Anywhere in the world, you'll always find some copycat friends lurking around you.
by posh20 September 3, 2010
Someone who makes you look like you're copying them (most of the times a "popular" person). Say one day you realize you have a thing for mom jeans, but you can't quite get them at the moment. Coincidentally some time later, they walk in wearing a new pair of vintage Levi's, and when you finally decide to buy a pair it looks like you copied them, especially if these kinds of events occur often.
She's such a reversed-copycat for buying mom jeans.
by uggo1983 August 27, 2018