(especially in children's use) a person who copies another's behavior, dress, or ideas.
denoting an action, typically a crime, carried out in imitation of another.
I'm being such a copycat by copying GOOGLE's definition of "Copycat".
by I don't exist... January 24, 2019
Someone obsessed with you and copies whatever u do and wants to be you so bad bc you're so original

bro ur not even famous yet u already have a creepy fan
Hot girl 1: did u see her playlist having the same exact songs in order as your playlist ??
Hot girl 2: omg rlly shes such a copycat idrc since shes not the only one
by cinderellasburnboook November 23, 2021
Someone that steals someone else’s idea such as
- they way they dress
-their pick up lines or phrases


-they way they talk

-the way the walk
Literally anything that involves copying
People copy others because they are not original and they feel the need to copy off of people who are original and who they are themselves. Take it as a compliment because of someone Copy’s u it means ur doing something good or u have a unique style that they want to have
Katy is so annoying she is literally going around and she stole my catch phrases that I made up myself and now her friends are saying it and they think she’s the one that made it up even tho I am the one that made it up ughh!! She is such a copycat be original for once!!!

Why is nick copying my style? He saw I brought a black hoodie last week and now he has a black hoodie!! So annoying

I have a unique laugh and now josh is copying it wth?!
by ♥️Panzo♥️ November 30, 2020
When an internet troll can only think of one specific way to torment their victim online and that way involves stealing the username of that victim, or ripping off the username and stealing their gimmick, e.g if that person has a Deviantart account with a monster/horror theme and RPs as a werecreature, the troll will use that as the main gimmick (including claiming said character is his/her own totally original character).
"I'm not Dr Music. I'm my own original username/character Doctor Bloosic."
"Sounds like Copycat Syndrome to me."
by MM132 August 2, 2018