A group of people or an individual that is so mentally retarded that they cannot think for themselves, so has to copy catchphraises or mimic certain hand gestures such as clicking fingers off a fellow slightly smarter retard of the group.
simon and ryan are so retarded they copy adam in every way possible this is from a simple click of the fingers to repeating everything that he has just said in a previous sentance, from now on people like these are called copycat retards.
by kev schmit March 9, 2008
A person with a camera who has no unique perspective on the world and no artistic style of their own. They fanboy their favorite photographers without ever giving them credit to look for inspiration for their next "photoshoot." They are always 5 steps behind but as annoying as Peter Pan's shadow. Typical of Instagram photographers aged 16-25. They eventually grow out of this stage when people realize what a phony they are or they die of anal bleeding from being so far up their own ass.
"wow what a great copycat photographer. This reminds me of a shittier version of this person's work."

"Bust out those fairy lights. I'm a copycat photographer ."

"Wow mark I love this photo I think you have the potential to be a future great photographer when you stop being a copycat photographer ."
by Pewpewhumanpewpew December 26, 2019
A copycat clone is a clone of a copycat.
Look at that sexy copycat clone, could that be the real one?
by Round Bobbies September 23, 2015
Thots who copy someone’s else look to seduce men into liking the person they copied.
Laurie: Oh boy! Time to dress up as my favorite anime character- and I can’t wait to twerk all over in this costume of my favorite anime character in Vr chat!
Daniely: OMG! She’s such a copycat whore.
by Mars987 April 1, 2020
a raper no name cough cough jay-z copies rakim
friend 1- jay-z is such a copycat rapper
friend 2- i know his new song sounds so like rakim
by tom clayton January 18, 2008
(especially in children's use) a person who copies another's behavior, dress, or ideas.
denoting an action, typically a crime, carried out in imitation of another.
I'm being such a copycat by copying GOOGLE's definition of "Copycat".
by I don't exist... January 24, 2019
Someone obsessed with you and copies whatever u do and wants to be you so bad bc you're so original

bro ur not even famous yet u already have a creepy fan
Hot girl 1: did u see her playlist having the same exact songs in order as your playlist ??
Hot girl 2: omg rlly shes such a copycat idrc since shes not the only one
by cinderellasburnboook November 23, 2021