The art of having others pay for a lifestyle and personal expenses, with no outlay of ones own cash.
Although Sarah was flush with cash,she preffered to cooley
her share of the cruise cost.
by upnsmoke March 9, 2009
to make something cool or make something tasty that was originally tasteless
Dude, i gotta cooley that chicken up with some barbecue son , son.

That's tight son, that shirt is cooley dawg
by rated r November 5, 2005
A person of African descent who is mixed with Native American, Indian or white who was born with straight(er) hair.
She’s Cooley so when you blow dry her hair, it looks like she has a relaxer but she doesn’t.
by Brickhouse492 March 25, 2018
A name for your ass or butt, mostly refered to the cheek areas and not the butt hole.
Wow look at the nice Cooley on her.
Ouch, I just bumped my Cooley.
by Woody65 August 5, 2009
A girl with long soft luscious west-Indian hair
Caramel with good hair, yea she that cooley
by Gabaveli October 30, 2011
a scrawny ferret like being , often refers to themself as a spaceman chocolate factory owner. likes to stalk random people from both sexes and gets thrills from touching exotic fruit. photographs people in showers with a wide angle lense.
that kid just groped my fruit , what a cooley !

some scrawny guy followed me home from the supermarket , what a cooley !

some kid in my photography class was trying to take pictures of nude guys , what a cooley !
by saylermaster April 21, 2009
The imprint left by sitting naked in the snow.
ThatIMFa wide Cooley.
by bushlight December 12, 2017