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For these ignorant ass muthafukas who dont kno shit bout black people and their hair:Its a creamy substance that is placed on the hair close to the scalp of a Black/African- American females hair, for the most part. It is used to straighten the hair. Another name for the relaxer is called a perm- what mose Black people call it.
Last week I got a relaxer/perm.
Because Shanika'a hair was nappy, her O G gave her a relaxer/perm.
by MOS_BEF July 22, 2006
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Satanic chemical concoction used to kill African hair. It seems few black people are unaware of its unintended, unhealthy side effects and the permanent damage it causes to your fine, gravity-defying locks. It may appear that you're making your life easier, but have you noticed your hair has been the same length since the fifth grade? Have you noticed all the scabs on your scalp? If it's so good for you, why the hell it burn? Wake up and stop being so damn afraid of the hair God gave you. (If any white ppl are confused, relaxers are what black girls put in their hair to make it straight)
I'm insecure about myself and secretly wanna be white... relaxer here I come!

My hair has become so thick and pretty ever since I stopped using relaxers!
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by Anon09876 February 24, 2018
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The word relaxer means to straighten a back persons hair. It takes the kink and nappyness out of the hair, but it is greasy
Sharey bought no lye relaxer and now her hair is straight
by preppy princess April 23, 2005
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