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a town in PA, that is so gay and boring. Place where there are almost no jobs but plenty of bars and completely random stores such as suezan's sweet shop, revolution motorcycle shop, and versa tron (who the fuck knows wat they sell there).
Minersville, PA 17954
by WWT SKATER July 24, 2006
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Is a system of points that reflect a person's popularity or social ranking. One is awarded cool points for doing something stupid or a completely mindblowing act (such as banging mark's mom or eating a baby) due to the fact that the person has either low self esteem or because his friends are complete doushe bags. Also High 5's and Negg's play quite a role in the cool ponts system. When one recieves a high 5, he is awarded usually 10 cool points. But when someone is disgraced with a Negg, they have 10 cool points subtracted. After one has banked up 100 cool points he is thought to be quite a cool fellow and his self esteem is quite high. But when someone has
-100 cool points they are diagnossed with AIDs and are thought of as sluts who give fat chicks sex.
Friend 1: Dude, i dare you to bang mark's sister
Friend 2: OKAY!
**Some time passes**
Friend 2: **Shows Friend 1 Mark's Sister's Pantys**
Friend 1: DUDE!!! U get like 1000 cool points for this
**The friends exchange congradulatory High 5's**
by WWT SKATER July 16, 2006
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A statement used to tell one to fornicate his female counter part without prior notice or with out her concent. also know as rape.
God: What did u do w/ that mary magdolin lady?
Mosses: Jump it and Hump it!!! WOOOT
by WWT SKATER July 24, 2006
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The Opposite of a High 5. An action that would subtract from ones cool ponts.
Hilter: Hey i just killed all the jew
God: Your a jerk, you know that!! NEGGED!!
by WWT SKATER July 16, 2006
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someone who is fat, stupid and/or drool on himself.
Teahcer: Hey coop, WAKE UP!
Student: **In a daze and drooling**
Student: i want to ride a green pony *in retard voice*
Teacher: What the fuck coop
by WWT SKATER July 24, 2006
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