To insert 9 creme eggs up your arse

Also see Tegg for 10 creme eggs

There isn't a definition for 11 creme eggs because that would be silly
Can I negg you? Please? Go on?
by The Milk Man Cometh November 15, 2020
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Neopian food from
You found an Easter Negg!
by Alexandra May 15, 2004
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Went viral on tiktok, this word means to dominate or to be extremely favourable.
Ayy bro is tuff, but this guy neggs
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another name for a african america rather than nigger
hey whats up neggs, were totally going to have a kick weekend.
by Drew February 26, 2005
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The Opposite of a High 5. An action that would subtract from ones cool ponts.
Hilter: Hey i just killed all the jew
God: Your a jerk, you know that!! NEGGED!!
by WWT SKATER July 17, 2006
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when you through egg at some ones house
man we neggs that house
by jimmy smiffy September 6, 2008
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