Robin: Did you see that teacher?

Cookoo: Oh yeah! The new math teacher?

Robin: Yup. Shes totally Vo dude.
by Captain Crissma May 4, 2009
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Abbreviation of "vos" which means "you" in spanish, this term is used by uruguayans, it's used to get someone's attention in a friendly way.
"Vo! que haces?, todo bien?
by Horacio_14 June 3, 2007
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When you are having sex with a girl and you cum in your bellybutton, then you make her eat it out. bellybutton, eat, sex
"I was with Carly and she made me pull out so i Vo'd her good"
by Kendra_Lee March 2, 2007
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A Vo is a nocturnal emo person that may or may not be cutting themself at this very moment. Likes Myspace and hates minorities.
Man 1: Hey, check out that Vo over there!
Man 2: Dude that's not a Vo, it's 11:30 in the morning.
Man 1: My bad.
Man 2: You're so goddamn stupid!
Man 1: Look it's not my fault, my parents tried to suffocate me with a pillow.
Man 2: God, here you go, bringing the pillow into it again. Let it GO!
Man 1: That's what dad said as he was trying to suffocate me!
Man 2: Oh man, let's go, Vo's coming.
Man 1: That's gross.
by Harold Hustaffsvenson June 18, 2006
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second person singular pronoun vos instead of tú in Spanish.
Vos is used extensively as the primary form of the second person singular in Argentina...
Use the pronoun vos reflecting the informal address in Spanish as opposed to the formal address of usted.
The independent disjunctive pronoun ti is also replaced by vos. That is, vos is both nominative and the form to use after prepositions
Therefore para ti "for you" becomes para vos, etc.

The preposition-pronoun compound contigo "with you" becomes con vos.

che vos, vení acá = Hey you, come here.
by El Galle August 28, 2010
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In Argentina, the word "vos" replaces "tú" in almost all contexts of dialogue.

Both "vos" and "tú" are friendly uses of english word "you". The formal translation from the english "you" is "usted".
"¿Vos venís?" = "are you coming?"
"Che, vos, de dónde sos?" = "Hey, you, where are you from?"
by tryphineusen August 29, 2010
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Spanish word that substitutes "tu".
De donde sos "tu"?
De donde sos "vos"?
by JJmtx February 10, 2006
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