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a pair of short shorts that seem to be cutting the girls vagina in half
by g nug July 3, 2008
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Overly tight shorts, or pants, which conform to every fold, nook, and cranny - front and back - of the person wearing them. See camel toe They are generally the sad result of hot pants, daisy dukes, and spandex being worn by the wrong damn woman. see Blubber butt.
If you see a young lady wearing size 5 shorts, on a size 8 ass, and every lip of her genitalia is very defined and ready for inspection while she's still wearing them...
by jammer2 February 10, 2005
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Very short shorts that show the bottoms of your ass cheeks. Like a pair of daisy dukes
Look at those coochie cutters she's wearing.
by kenz November 26, 2003
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Groomers for women's lady parts. A woman's electrical shaver.
It's going to be a good night, I saw she used the coochy cutters.
by Josiah J September 2, 2017
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It's when a women wears very tight pants that forms a camel toe..cutting her coochie in half.
Damn Seline Dem pants don't fit you , them pants is giving you a coochie cutter..
by Seli_Star!! September 15, 2008
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Extremely short shorts that have no leg fabric to them at all. Often associated with ghetto girls and hoes.
Look at that hoe. She think she cute with her coochy cutters and her dollar store weave.
by That Person Place or Thing April 21, 2011
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